ZA/UM Atelier was launched in 2021 to make high-quality unisex merchandise for the award winning video game Disco Elysium. We offer a range of original products that reflect the themes, characters, and aesthetics of the game.

Our aim is to concentrate on carefully designed and thoughtful silhouettes with sharp and memorable patterns. Crafted from fabrics selected for their quality and designed for everyday wear, we focus on timeless style that will last a long time.

Everything at Atelier is made with purpose: a collaborative effort between our small and dedicated department and the wider studio here at ZA/UM.

We don't single out any one person as a clothing designer as our characters are usually the creative
work of many people. Exceptions to this are cases where an item is the creation of a single artist, or when the concept and manufacture of a piece is the work of an artist but sold by us. In such cases, the artist's name will appear in the product information section.

We focus on being as sustainable as we reasonably can and the most responsible version of ourselves.

We produce artefacts in small quantities to allow our team to get close to the entire process. That means we can ensure there is no overproduction, we reduce waste, and are able to maintain our high standard for quality.

All garment products are produced in Estonia and all have their own dedicated seamstresses. Over time we have built a strong relationship with them to bring you the best quality possible.

We get to know all of our partners, so we can answer ‘who made our clothes’ at every level of production. All our cooperation partners meet the EU working standard. Our mission is to work with them and have full overview and transparency when it comes to their working conditions. We limit the amount of dead stock and overproduction to ensure we use every strand of thread thoughtfully. This is how we make sure that only a small amount goes to landfill. We do not discard fabric rolls and leftover fabric, instead we hope to find a use for them over time.

We are against greenwashing.