40 centims
40 centims
40 centims


Jewellery description: Pure metal planchets of an unknown mint. Pressing your thumb against the obverse seems to produce a great, unbearable uproar in your inner ear. The peculiar patterns have been known to send numismatists spiraling into feverish theories: super-deep pale-affliction, industrial smelter accidents, the scars of large-caliber artillery. The lack of a definitive explanation has only served to drive up the collection’s value.
Jewellery details:
  • Artist: Sile Luik

  • Size: Imperfect circles approximately 3 cm in diameter

  • Weight: 4,2g each

  • Material: Smashed copper cents

  • Textures on the earrings are the result of natural copper oxidation and are brought up with the help of fire and splashes of cold water. Each piece is unique by texture. Earring studs and closures are from nonallergic metal. Earrings are covered with lacquer which protects the oxidation. Scratching, long exposure to sunlight, salts, and solvents (like perfume) damage the protective layer and may result in color changes.
  • All earrings are handmade in Tallinn, Estonia.
About the Jewellery artist:

Sile Luik is an Estonian jewellery brand run by jewellery artist Sille Luiga since 2015. Sile Luik brand uses ordinary, sometimes what are considered to be banal, materials for creating conceptually loaded modern jewellery. 


Shipped from Tallinn, Estonia


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