Thought Cabinet Tie and Pocket Square Set
Thought Cabinet Tie and Pocket Square Set
Thought Cabinet Tie and Pocket Square Set
Thought Cabinet Tie and Pocket Square Set
Thought Cabinet Tie and Pocket Square Set

Thought Cabinet Tie and Pocket Square Set 

Tie and Pocket Square Description:

The Death Head’s Moth Sprawl pattern of this set was fabricated in Boogie Street. Its image on a necktie has become associated with felo-de-se due to the irregular death of Frederic N. Coudurier, a notorious baron of the textile industry. His body was found in the bathroom at one of La Delta’s esteemed beautillions with both his hands and the tie rammed down his throat. Once knotted, the tie feels like a noose for your thoughts.


  • Handmade
  • Material: 60% CO, 40% SE
  • Tie Length: 147 cm / 58"
  • Tie Width: 8cm / 3"
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Pocket Square : 25 25 cm / 10 x 10 "
Jewellery Description:

A sophisticated stick pin designed for showmanship and decorated with an aurum finish. Hanging from the pin is a cercles de fascination that contains excerpts from a larger oil painting by the blind entroponaut-turned-artist Lamont D. Normandeau. Many Samaran sailors swear they can see their mother's eyes staring back at them from the artwork.

Jewellery Details:
  • Artist: Claudia Lepik

  • Size: Height: 6,8 cm / Width: 3,8 cm 

  • Double disc brooch with Claudia Lepik’s signature moving joints. The chosen material for the brooch is brass, which the artist is experimenting with due to its unique color characteristics. Textures on the brooch are the result of natural brass oxidation and are brought up with the help of fire. Each piece is unique by texture. You can wear a brooch with and without the double disc detail. The brooch's needle must be handled carefully as putting too much force on it makes it bend.
    Brass oxidizes over time so darkening is expected.
    All brooches are handmade by Claudia in her atelier at Põhjala factory in Tallinn, Estonia.
About the Jewellery artist:

Claudia Lepik is a jewellery artist who is intrigued by how to push boundaries in jewellery with scale and material.

Her specific interest is face and nose jewellery and including more theatrical fashion inspiration in her works gives her the opportunity to investigate the whole body of a wearer and work with chosen materials in dialogue with her body. Taking time for each piece is her way of communicating with her emotions and also her way of including her interest in fashion in her creations.

She is in love with her hands and lets them dictate almost the whole process from sketch to final piece. The main material in her big-scale works is brass which is differently manipulated to create an almost garment-like feel from afar but then close by you can see the stiffness of metal.

Next to creating art and big-scale pieces she is trying to find ways of translating her art details into everyday jewellery.

Shipped from Tallinn, Estonia
Available with or without jewellery

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